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Roof Coating Can Fix a Leaking Roof
Do you have a leaky roof? Does your roof need special care? Roof coating can fix a leaking roof. Keeping your roof free of leaks is critical to the integrity of your home and one of the easiest ways to do this is by coating your roof on a regular basis. Over time our Tucson sun will start to break down your roof coating and if it is not maintained, it will eventually crack or split, allowing water to get into your sub structure. By coating your roof with a high end Elas-tek product every 3-5 years, you will enjoy a water tight roof as well as significant energy savings.

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Expert Roof Coating Process

Integrity Roof coating is an industry leader in roof coating in Tucson, Arizona. We have the finest employees and we use Elas-Tek, the finest product. Below you will see the basic roof coating process:

- Determine the right coating for your roof, based on service life, surface, and drainage.

- Measure the roof.

- Power clean the roof.

- Perform minor repairs to the roof

- Apply coating.

If you have a leaky roof, remember roof coating can fix a leaking roof and give us a call.