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Elastek Roof Coating Tucson
Your roof needs help! The blistering heat, the monsoon rains, dust storms, and the temperature extremes from summer to winter can take a toll on roofs in Tucson. Applying Elastek Roof Coating to your roof in Tucson can be the best thing you can do to protect your roof and save money on save on energy costs. Our expert professionals have the experience and the knowledge to apply Elastek Roof Coating to your roof to protect it from the harsh Southern Arizona weather.

Do you want to save money on your enrgy bills? Integrity Roof Coating of Tucson can help. Elastek provides you with a reflective roof surface that will decrease the amount of heat your roof absorbs. When this happens the air temperature surrounding your Tucson home and the amount of heat transfer that occurs through your roof significantly decreases the amount of energy it takes to cool off your house. We are the best Elastek roof coating company in Tucson, so give us a call.

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Expert Elastek Roof Coating Process

Integrity Roof coating is an industry leader in roof coating in Tucson, Arizona. We have the finest employees and we use Elas-Tek, the finest product. Below you will see the basic roof coating process:

- Determine the right coating for your roof, based on service life, surface, and drainage.

- Measure the roof.

- Power clean the roof.

- Perform minor repairs to the roof

- Apply Elastek Roof Coating.