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Commercial Roof Coating Tucson
We specialize in commercial roof coating and maintenance. In Tucson the summer heat, monsoons, and winter cold create a diverse set of conditions in which to maintain a commercial property.

Integrity Roof Coating specialists know what it takes to not only protect your roof but also save your company countless dollars in the process.

Routine roof maintenance can help your company avoid everything from roof leaks and sun damage to all around roof replacements, which can be extremely costly.

For our climate Integrity Roof Coating goes beyond simple roof coating, we also conduct leak repairs, which are often a prime concern for commercial property managers and building owners.

We use the industry leading Elastek coating for our jobs, which translates into long term protection and savings for our Tucson commercial roof coating clients.

Designed for use on flat roofs, our roof coating materials is applied easilty with a brush, roller, or spray and gives your commerical roof the protection it needs for a lasting effect.

If you would like to know more about our services and how much we can save your commercial property operations feel free to give us a call. (520) 904-3027 Search for us online under "Commercial Roof Coating Tucson"
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Expert Commercial Roof Coating

Integrity Roof Coating is an industry leader in roof coating in Tucson, Arizona. We have the finest employees and we use Elas-Tek, the finest product. Below you will see the basic roof coating process:

- Determine the right coating for your roof, based on service life, surface, and drainage.

- Measure the roof.

- Power clean the roof.

- Perform minor repairs to the roof

- Apply coating.