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About Our Roof Coating Company
Integrity Roof Coating is a Tucson, Arizona based roof coating and maintenance company. It was started by Dave Sebastian and John Gutierrez to provide Southern Arizona home and commercial property owners access to quality roof coating work done by quality people with years of expertise in the roofing and roof coating industry.

We take an old fashioned approach to doing business, where a handshake and a promise still mean something. We believe in clearly explaining what we are going to do, and then doing exactly what we say.

We are committed to helping our clients maximize their most important investments with quality workmanship and quality products which ultimately leads to significant savings.

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Expert Roof Coating Process

Integrity Roof Coating is an industry leader in roof coating in Tucson, Arizona. We have the finest employees and we use Elas-Tek, the finest product. Below you will see the basic roof coating process:

- Determine the right coating for your roof, based on service life, surface, and drainage.

- Measure the roof.

- Power clean the roof.

- Perform minor repairs to the roof

- Apply coating.